Unfinished Business

1985 / Documentary / 58 minutes

Unfinished Business
Unfinished Business
"A deeply moving film...
more than a recounting of our country's most shameful  moment. A powerful warning that hysteria, bigotry, ignorance and moral cowardice demean us all."

In the spring of 1942, over 110,000 men, women and children were abruptly and forcibly evicted from their homes on the West Coast and herded into desolate internment camps across the country. Most of these people were American citizens of Japanese ancestry. No charges were ever filed. No hearings or trials were held. Yet, they were incarcerated — behind wire fences, surrounded by watchtowers and armed guards — for more than three years. The sole basis for this action was ancestry.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS tells the compelling story of three men who refused to go: Fred Korematsu, Gordon Hirabayashi and Minoru Yasui courageously defied the government and were separately convicted and imprisioned for violating Executive Order 9066 — which led to the unjust internment of their people. The film interweaves the personal stories of the three men with startling archival footage of wartime anti-Japanese hysteria, the evacuation and incarceration, and life in the camps. It captures them in the present, fighting to overturn their original convictions in the final round of a 40 year old battle against the act which shattered the lives of two generations of Japanese Americans.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS is a powerful and moving examination of this tragic but important period in American history.

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