Approximately Nels Cline

2011 / Documentary / 30 minutes

Approximately Nels ClineApproximately Nels Cline

Approximately Nels Cline

APPROXIMATELY NELS CLINE is Steven Okazaki's first music documentary, featuring Nels Cline, best known as the lead guitarist of Wilco and one of the most brilliant and adventurous musicians on earth. Produced in collaboration with Fantasy Studios, the film features The Nels Cline Singers’ Scott Amendola and Devin Hoff, with special guests Carla Kihlstedt, Ron Miles, Yuka Honda, Ben Goldberg and Matthias Bossi.

“It's not your typical music documentary,” says director Steven Okazaki.  “It's about musicianship and the collaborative hard work of playing great music.”  

Thank you to producers Jeffrey Wood and Jason Cohen; shooters Dan Krauss, Mark Kohr, Aaron Kohr, and Bart Nagel; engineer Jesse Nichols; sound recordists Adriano Bravo and Jim Choi; production assistants Steve Yamane and Brandy McNeal; assistant editor Greg Knowles; Fantasy Studios’ Kim Weisberg, James Gangwer and Alberto Hernandez; Steve Condiotti and DTC; and the Saul Zaentz Media Center.